Ship crane parts, marine cranes engineers Batam Indonesia


Hydraulic MotorsMonoblocks

Hydraulic PumpsCrane Control Desks

Crane Control SystemsBolts

SwitchesWinch Parts

Control ValvesRelays

Winch Parts Joysticks & Potentiometers.

PCB Cards




Ship crane parts

Ship Crane Parts are sourced directly from the component producers by our cost cutting team.

PT.CALTAV INDONESIA always supply original parts, identical to the parts supplied by the crane manufacturer. Alatas can offer good savings on most parts. In some cases quality alternatives are available, and we will be able to quote for both original and replacement parts if required.

Electrical control systems

  •     Joysticks and potentiometers
  •     Crane control desks
  •     Cam limit switches
  •     Heaters and Fans
  •     Switches
  •     Relays
  •     PCB Cards
  •     Cable/Lighting
  •     Upgrade of crane control systems
  •     And many other items

Hydraulic control systems

  •     Hydraulic Pumps and motors
  •     Brake solenoid valves/Control valves
  •     Hydraulic filters/fittings
  •     Hydraulic hose manufacture
  •     Ram and cylinder refurbishment
  •     And many other items

Mechanical components

  •     Winches
  •     Zollern parts
  •     Slewing gears
  •     Brakes
  •     Slewing rings
  •     Gearboxes
  •     Sheave/Hook block manufacture
  •     Bearings/Seals Wire ropes
  •     And many other items

Associated machinery

  •     Grabs.
  •     Safe load indicators.
  •     Spreaders (automatic and manual)
  •     And many other items.


Ship crane engineers

Ship crane engineers

Ship and Offshore Crane Engineers are available Worldwide.

All aspects of crane operations are covered: electric, electronic, hydraulic and mechanical.

Engineers are Factory trained by the Manufacturers and have many years of experience in Crane repair.

Ship cranes covered

  •     BLM ship cranes
  •     Fukushima ship cranescraneengineers1
  •     Hagglund ship cranes
  •     IHI ship cranes
  •     KGW ship cranes
  •     Khan ship cranes
  •     Liebherr ship cranes
  •     LMG ship cranes
  •     MacGregor ship cranes
  •     Mitsubishi ship cranes
  •     NMF ship cranes
  •     O&K ship cranes
  •     Tsuji ship cranes
  •     Others types of ship crane

Services included

  •     Emergency callout
  •     Crane inspection
  •     Preventative maintenance
  •     Voyage repair
  •     Dry dockings
  •     Winch strip down/overhaul
  •     Gearbox strip down/overhaul
  •     Limit setting
  •     Crane upgrading and modernisation
  •     Sheave changeout
  •     Electric/electronic setup
  •     General troubleshooting
  •     Hydraulic pump and motor stripout and testing
  •     Steel Work
  •     Boom Repairs
  •     Wire rope changeouts
  •     Quadrennial Surveys
  •     Load Testing

Additional ship crane services

  •     Spare parts supply
  •     Hydraulic pump and motor refurbishments
  •     Cylinder repair
  •     Consultancy

Ship crane parts, marine crane engineers

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Ship crane parts, marine cranes engineers Batam Indonesia
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PT.CALTAV INDONESIA is a company specialized in Hydraulic, Mechanical and Electrical system, HVAC, Servicing, overhaul and Commissioning for ship deck machineries and Ship deck crane, including Trading and other supplies for marine and offshore industries.

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