Offshore Hose On Site Replacement Services Batam Indonesia

The PT.CALTAV INDONESIA Offshore Hose Workshop is designed to include all the required equipment to make complete hose change outs as quick and simple as possible. As well having all the required equipment to cut, crimp, clean and test hoses in-situ offshore, PT.CALTAV INDONESIA also provides a Hose Management Team including a Hose Expert, a Crane Service Technician and Service Mechanics. Larger teams can be dispatched as required to minimize downtime. Also included in the container is an ULTRA CLEAN Hose and Tube Cleaning system for cleaning out hoses and hydraulic lines.

The PT.CALTAV INDONESIA Offshore Hose Workshop contains the following equipment:

bulletCrimping machine & die stand
bulletCut off saw
bulletPressure testing unit
bulletHose turntable
bulletHose storage area
bulletAir con heat/cool Unit
bulletTool board
bulletStock bins
bulletFire extinguisher
bulletExtractor fan
bulletMegaClean Hose Cleaning Gun

All hoses that are supplied by PT.CALTAV INDONESIA will complete a Hydrostatic Test immediately prior to installation, our testing serves the purpose of confirming the integrity of the hose and coupling interface, and ensuring the reinforcement is completely intact.

Hydrostatic testing is essential for high pressure hoses to establish clear, concise records on the quality of installed hoses, their safety and durability under OEM specified operating pressures and procedures.

As well as testing according to OEM specifications and industry standards, where requested we can test to suit customer requirements. Prior to installation all hoses are inspected for leaks, measured and full data recorded. Every hose installed by PT.CALTAV INDONESIA will be tagged and given an individual serial number.

Following completion of a hose installation PT.CALTAV INDONESIA supply a Hose Registry Master List that will include the following information:

bulletHose serial number
bulletFitting 1
bulletFitting 2
bulletHose type
bulletHose length
bulletWorking Pressure
bulletTest pressure
bulletLength of test
bulletTester name



hose-making24 hose-making15 hose-making14 hose-making13
Hose making components
Hose measuring
Hose making
Hose making
hose-making16 hose-making12 hose-making20 hose-making11
Hose making
Hose testing
Hose testing
Hoses to be replaced
hose-making17 hose-making18 hose-making26 hose-making70
Hoses replaced
Hose labelling
Complete hose changeout
Hose container plan
Infochip Hose Tagging System


Hydraulic Hose Replament Service On site hydraulic hose replacements for offshore crane



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Offshore Hose On Site Replacement Services Batam Indonesia
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PT.CALTAV INDONESIA is a company specialized in Hydraulic, Mechanical and Electrical system, HVAC, Servicing, overhaul and Commissioning for ship deck machineries and Ship deck crane, including Trading and other supplies for marine and offshore industries.

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