Installation And Commissioning Of Machinery Service

Installation And Commissioning Of Machinery ServiceWe have the experience of successfully executing Installation of Machinery and equipment, piping and electrical systems on ATV for Indian Navy through M/s Larsen & Toubro. With our experienced team, we have carried out installation of machinery and equipment like Diesel Generators (5,000 kVA), pumps, coolers, purifiers and CO2 fire extinguishing systems etc on Ocean going ships and Drill ships. On board the drill ship “Sagar Bhushan”, carried out fabrication and installation of low pressure and high pressure piping of mild steel, galvanized steel, aluminium-brass, stainless steel and high carbon steel for pressures upto 700 bar for various fluids like compressed air, lubricating oil, fuel and diesel oils, hydraulic systems, sea and fresh water systems, mud & cement systems. Some of the important works carried out on board the 1,200 passenger vessel “Swaraj Dweep” are complete Accommodation piping, Hydraulic piping and complete electrical power supply installations for Accommodation and Deck machinery like Cranes, Winches, Communication equipment etc.

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Installation And Commissioning Of Machinery Service
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PT.CALTAV INDONESIA is a company specialized in Hydraulic, Mechanical and Electrical system, HVAC, Servicing, overhaul and Commissioning for ship deck machineries and Ship deck crane, including Trading and other supplies for marine and offshore industries.

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