Harbour crane service Batam Indonesia


Harbour crane engineers

PT.CALTAV INDONESIA have senior Harbour mobile crane engineers stationed in Asia, America, Germany and Panama who are trained in the latest control systems, such as LICCON, Can-Bus, Siemens Somatic and older, analogue systems. PT.CALTAV INDONESIA harbour crane engineer’s have unsurpassed trouble shooting skills.

PT.CALTAV INDONESIA have all the test equipment and instruments required to set-up and re-calibrate your harbour crane for optimum performance.

Crane condition assessments

With our harbour crane experience PT.CALTAV INDONESIA is your ideal partner for a independent crane assessment, either as pre-purchase inspection or as a conventional general check-up. Following our specially tailored Harbour mobile crane check-list ensures that your crane is checked inside-out.

Crane relocation services

PT.CALTAV INDONESIA specializes harbour crane relocation. Crane relocation services Include decommissioning, transport and re-commissioning work, should the need arise to re-locate your crane. Please talk to our technical team for more information.


Harbour crane service

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Harbour crane service Batam Indonesia
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PT.CALTAV INDONESIA is a company specialized in Hydraulic, Mechanical and Electrical system, HVAC, Servicing, overhaul and Commissioning for ship deck machineries and Ship deck crane, including Trading and other supplies for marine and offshore industries.

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