Description of the brake and brake services

I’ve done brake services few times and I am familiar with them. Once, I disassembled the hydraulic brake for hoisting winch and change piston seal and guide string with little help from crew side.

The brakes are an important part of the crane which has to be maintained and when it is necessary it has to be service properly.

The brakes of the electro-hydraulic cranes I worked, consist of the following: brake bands, brake cylinder, brake opening valve and different indications which show the right setting of the brake.

See below the picture.
Overhauling in the workshop, winch bracket together with brake cylinder and indicator.


Function of the brakes

The main functions of the crane i.e. hoisting, luffing and slewing are fitted with brakes. The braking force of the brake band is provided by a powerful mechanical spring contained in a hydraulic cylinder. The brake band is tightened on the hydraulic motor by the powerful spring in the brake cylinder.


When crane joystick is moved the brake is released – pressure generated in the brake cylinder then the piston lifts the brake band from the motor housing.


The brakes for hosting and luffing winches are fitted with a pointer and dial indicator and brake band tension balance indicator.

The pointer of the indicator should be in the green area of the indicator dial. The balance indicator should be in the middle between the brake bands.

If the brake bands are affected by oil the braking force will be reduce and the brake bands have to be replaced while the motor surface has to be cleaned.

Brakes plays an important safety role and that’s why is better to be cautions.

Description of the brake and brake services
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