Brake repair, tough moments but special ones

Service is to general I said and from my previous experiences I knew something was wrong. Until then I was getting jobs with clear content and job scope like, cranes inspection, load test of the crane or change or remove something or troubleshooting of some parts of the equipment.

I arrived in Singapore early morning and after few hours of sleep I went on board of the vessel.Everything was running smoothly, the weather was nice the people I met were OK.I said the job seems to be OK.


I got on board and party begins. First thing I found out exactly the job I’d to do.The scope of job had expanded significantly. And I was alone there with no hydraulic technician and so on.

They said no problem, we have the crew and we can manage easy. Again from my experiences so far I won’t ever rely on vessel crew. The vessel crew are not trained for hydraulics troubleshooting they are not specialist in hydraulics or in particular equipment; they just have some general ideas about each ship’s equipments.

Whatever I was alone, I had to be confident and capable to do the job.


A very tough job was, brake repair of the hydraulic motor for hoisting winch of one of the cranes.

The type of hosting brake was MDA 21 a multi disc brake.


Started the brake repair job

I disassembled the hydraulic brake for hoisting winch. Removed the brake cover and the pre-loaded cup springs found oily and dirty. Removed the brake piston and piston seal and guide string found worn out. I removed the brake discs and checked one by one.Re-fitted the multi discs brake and renewed the piston seal and guide string of the brake piston. Greased the cup springs and re-fitted.It was tough I was almost alone.From time to time someone was helping me from the crew side but still I was struggle.

For the next crane again we face some problems. I had to replace the luffing pump. The fittings for the new luffing pump were inappropriate. Also I learned,every time when order new pump it must be ordered also the mounting fittings for the pump in question.I received the mounting fittings in other port and I was able to finish the job.

The job continued with the load test of the cranes in presence of the DMV surveyor. No problems occurred during load tests. Just, some minor leakage of one of the cranes.


Do you think I finished? Not really. I got a call from the superintendent, and he gave me another job.

With my office approval, I started the new job. I had to check the twin synchronization system for crane 2A and 2B. I found mess in electrical wiring.

Due to cargo operations, there was no sufficient time for twin troubleshooting. All electrical modifications will need to be checked and returned to normal configuration.

This was the last job I had to do. In the end I was doing a good job and everybody was happy including myself.

Brake repair, tough moments but special ones
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